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Federal election


AEC boss Tom Rogers

Election boss Tom Rogers on how social media changed democracy

The Australian Electoral Commissioner, fresh from delivering the Voice referendum, explains why taking risks and having a crack is the best career advice.

  • Ronald Mizen
Leading No campaigner Warren Mundine says voters need a break after the bruising referendum.

Mundine still wants second referendum after Voice defeat

No activisit and chairman of regional copper explorer Fuse Minerals says voters needed time to heal after the referendum campaign.

  • Tom Richardson and Tom McIlroy

The challenges chipping away at the PM’s power

If the Voice goes down on October 14, Anthony Albanese will have to turn his full attention to grappling with the inflation and cost of living issues.

  • The AFR View

The power of data: Why polling is more accurate since Brexit and Trump

Pollsters were wrong about our federal election, Britain leaving the EU and Donald Trump’s victory. But if you don’t trust such survey results, think again.

  • Samantha Hutchinson

Voice support falls as frustration and familiarity rise

The more voters “learn” about the Voice, the less they support it. Many also feel it is a distraction, the latest AFR/Freshwater Strategy Poll shows.

  • Phillip Coorey


Anthony Albanese’s net approval rating has fallen 8 points to minus 33, while Peter Dutton’s has risen 2 points to minus 10.

Support for Labor, Albanese, Voice slides

The latest AFR/Freshwater poll shows Labor’s vote falling and backing for the Indigenous Voice to parliament dropping to 33 per cent as voters become more aware of the proposal.

  • Phillip Coorey
Don Farrell is considering caps on both donations and spending.

Libs wary of booby traps in campaign finance reform proposals

The Liberals say the rules must not enable Labor to use union money to gain an unfair advantage.  

  • Phillip Coorey
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Special Minister of State Don Farrell.

PM move on campaign finance reform has teals worried

Independents suspect proposed campaign spending caps are designed to preserve the two-party system.

  • Phillip Coorey
Nationals frontbencher Barnaby Joyce (right) wants to abolish the party’s support for net zero.emissions by 2050, putting him at odds with Leader David Littleproud and the broader Coalition.

Nationals already back Labor’s net zero – they just don’t know it

David Littleproud is adamant the Nationals oppose Labor’s 2030 emissions target while backing Australia’s Paris commitments. Both can’t be true at once.

  • Jacob Greber
Catherine King releases aviation green paper

Catherine King releases aviation green paper

Transport Minister Catherine King releases the aviation green paper.

  • Updated


Member for Goldstein Zoe Daniel and Member for North Sydney Kylea Tink

Kylea Tink in kitchen reno ‘climate crime’

Her recently sold property featured a kitchen with gas stove, a picturesque gas fireplace and even a gas-heated pool.

  • Myriam Robin
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese  with supporters of a Voice to Parliament.

Why Anthony Albanese is entering an electoral danger zone

The “aspirational left” were key to Labor’s election victory in 2022, but their support came with strings attached.

  • Ronald Mizen
Julian Leeser’s speech is titled Winning the Vast Middle.

Liberals must resist fringe politics: Leeser

The former frontbencher has called for the party to rebuild its branches and reengage with mainstream voters. 

  • Tom McIlroy
Ukraine has been labelled ‘the breadbasket of the world’.

Labor push for China wine tariff removals following barley win

China agrees to lift tariffs on Australian barley with the government saying it will now push for more tariffs to be removed; Anthony Albanese confirms Voice referendum date won’t be announced at Garma festival. Here’s how the day unfolded.

  • Updated
  • Timothy Moore and Campbell Kwan
David Pocock and Adam Bandt say they will block Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s PRRT changes if they don’t go further.

‘Lecturing’ teals and trolls should butt out on gas projects: NT chief

The Treasurer says Labor intends to legislate PRRT changes as announced on $218 billion in LNG projects despite crossbench opposition, while the Northern Territory’s chief minister has lashed out at critics of projects that will help the transition.

  • Updated
  • Jacob Greber, Ronald Mizen and Andrew Tillett


David Pocock and Adam Bandt say they will block Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s PRRT changes if they don’t go further.

Greens want Labor’s gas tax doubled

An alliance of Greens and crossbench senators said it would not back Labor’s higher taxing regime on oil and gas unless it doubles the amount raised.

  • Jacob Greber
A double dissolution trigger would give the Albanese government a broader range of options.

In one sharp move, Albanese puts Dutton and his naysayers on notice

The prime minister says that there will be no election this year. But he has a double dissolution trigger at a time when Labor is in an exceptionally strong position.

  • Laura Tingle
Anthony Albanese says Labor is still going strong

Labor’s honeymoon not over: Albanese

Anthony Albanese has fobbed off the Fadden byelection result, and noted Labor’s national poll numbers were still strong.

  • Phillip Coorey
Robo-debt royal commissioner Catherine Holmes, SC, delivered her 990-page report to Governor-General David Hurley this morning.

How welfare bashing exposed government at its worst

The Holmes royal commission’s recommendations are about replacing the meanness and political expediency of recent times with a spirit of serving the public.

  • Updated
  • Laura Tingle


Greens leader Adam Bandt, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather speak in parliament on Thursday.

Labor’s war on two fronts fights Green populism

Australian politics currently has no strong centre, yet that is where Anthony Albanese knows he has to govern from if he wants Labor to stay in power.

  • The AFR View
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in question time today.

PM seeks advice on double dissolution over housing bill

The government is seeking advice over whether the Greens’ ongoing refusal to pass the $10 billion social housing fund is grounds for a double dissolution.

  • Phillip Coorey
Supporters of teal independent Monique Ryan at the Auburn Hotel during the election campaign.

Caps on political donations to keep ‘big money’ out of elections

But the teal independent movement argues caps set too low could nobble their ability to compete with the entrenched major parties.

  • Andrew Tillett
Liberal MP Stuart Robert resigned from parliament, triggering a byelection.

Libs need 4pc swing, Labor claims, as byelection sandbagging begins

Labor claims anything less than a 4 percentage point swing towards the Liberal-National Party in forthcoming Fadden byelection will be a failure for Peter Dutton.

  • Phillip Coorey


Anthony Albanese has moved quickly to shore up support in WA after Mark McGowan’s resignation.

‘I stood with McGowan against Clive Palmer’, PM reminds WA voters

Anthony Albanese has brushed off the electoral setback caused by the resignation of West Australian Premier Mark McGowan and outlined a hit list of seats that Labor will target at the next election.

  • Phillip Coorey

It’s less rosy than it looks for Labor

The next two years look a lot tougher than the first and, like Howard in 1998, Albanese would be well advised to take some substantial economic reforms to the next election.

  • John Black