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This Month

Don’t try this at home if you live in NSW

The Segway-Ninebot MAX G2 KickScooter has a range long enough to get you to and from most workplaces. But check it’s legal before you take to the streets on it.

  • John Davidson

Here’s one camera that lets you be the main character at all times

With a dedicated vlog mode as well as a product placement tool, Fujifilm’s X-S20 camera is perfect to throw in an influencer’s bag of tricks.

  • John Davidson


I didn’t have the nerve to point the camera at me, but mounted on the handlebars of a mountain bike was the main way I reviewed the GoPro.

Action heroes, here’s how you can prove you are one

Taking professional-looking videos has (almost) never been easier or more fun than with GoPro’s Hero 12 Black.

  • John Davidson

Why the Pro Max could be the iPhone 15 for you

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is Apple’s best phone yet. If only people would stop ringing it, it would be perfect!

  • John Davidson

Samsung lifts its game with the Watch6 Classic

The brand’s latest watch is an improvement in almost every way. But it still runs Google’s software, which remains much harder to use than it should be.

  • John Davidson

An LCD TV as good as an OLED? Strange but true

We compared the new ULED X with the best on the market, and the results changed our mind about what makes a good television.

  • John Davidson

Try not to get carried away with this home cutting device

The mid-sized Cricut Joy Xtra comes with an easier way to make high-quality stickers and iron-ons.

  • John Davidson

Bringing some order to the Internet of Things chaos

A new sensor from the low-cost Chinese IoT maker Aqara shows a way forward out of the home automation mess.

  • John Davidson

Head to head: the two best OLED TVs money can buy

LG’s reply to Samsung’s brilliant S95C TV is emphatic. The LG G3 is amazing.

  • John Davidson


Five of the best gadgets for Father’s Day gifts

You’ll pay a little more for these presents, but at least they guarantee you something priceless in return.

  • John Davidson

It’s the world’s biggest tablet - and it works under water

It’s a nice-to-have feature on Samsung’s very nice to use Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, especially when summer comes around.

  • John Davidson

At last, a phone you can afford to drop

Nokia’s latest low-cost Android device has a feature we wish top-tier mobiles would copy: it’s easy and cheap to repair it yourself.

  • John Davidson

These legendary Sony earbuds are perfect. There’s just one problem

Sony’s update to its frankly brilliant WF-1000XM4 earbuds is an improvement in nearly every way. The only thing they don’t do is tell you how much battery you have left.

  • John Davidson
It’s great for a group selfie in which everyone is positively beaming at the camera.

Why the Galaxy Z Flip5 is the best phone I’ll never own

This delightful little Samsung is not for people like me, you see: it’s too much fun, too much about taking group selfies with your friends.

  • John Davidson


Galaxy Z Fold5

Samsung’s secret weapon makes it the most productive phone ever

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 is hands down the most useful, productive phone we’ve ever seen, but only when you spend an extra $127 on an accessory.

  • John Davidson

Three reasons why Samsung’s new folding phone should be a smash hit

The Galaxy Z Flip5 looks like a force of nature and a game-changer. The only real question is, how soon will it succeed?

  • John Davidson

Is this the perfect robot servant?

Hundreds of episodes into our quest for the perfect robovac, we haven’t yet found what we’re looking for. But the eufy X9 Pro comes close.

  • John Davidson

It’s marvellous what a difference this Milo makes

If you’re into the great outdoors, the Milo communicator from Loose Cannon Systems is beyond great. It’s a must-have.

  • John Davidson

Apple’s Mac Studio will help you keep your job . . . for now

If there’s one talent we’re all going to need in the future, it’s machine learning. Even if that means learning to run from the machines ... Apple’s new desktop PC can help.

  • John Davidson
Motorola Razr 40 Ultra.

Why Motorola’s new Razr is its best foldable flip phone yet

At last, here’s a model with a bright, 3.6-inch external display that supports widgets and – ta da! – also runs most Android apps.

  • Alex Kidman