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RBA governor Michele Bullock.

RBA must show independence on material inflation risk

The Treasurer’s pre-emptive insistence makes it even more important that the new governor and her board actively demonstrate the central bank’s political independence.

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This Month

Economist Max Corden at Giorgio’s Restaurant in Malvern.

Max Corden: Vale Australia’s prophet of prosperity

Max Corden established the intellectual, but then politically heretical, case for dismantling Australia’s protectionist tariff wall.

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Civilian casualties must be avoided at all costs: wounded Palestinians after the explosion at al-Ahli Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Breaking Hamas must also broker peace

The huge risks of an Israeli invasion of Gaza can only be justified if there is a plan for a durable settlement for the whole region at the end of it.

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Jodie Haydon and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese are greeted by the children of Australian embassy staff in Washington ahead of his meeting with the US president.

Albanese’s Washington mission is to get AUKUS done

It would not be in Australia’s nor America’s interest for the prime minister to head to China next month with nothing to show on AUKUS from the trip to the White House.

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Bill Hayden, who died on Saturday aged 90, was one of the few Whitlam government ministers to escape with a reputation worth having.

Hayden’s history lesson for Chalmers

The historical narrative from the late Bill Hayden to Paul Keating holds lessons for today’s Labor Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

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The release of Australian journalist Cheng Lei provides a constructive backdrop for Anthony Albanese’s meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping.

China’s protracted release of Australian trade leaves a bad taste

China will use Anthony Albanese’s visit to set the relationship for the next 50 years, but it must end economic coercion of Australia.

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Political leaders and parties urgently need to reconnect with voters on the economy and prosperity.

Vote yes for an aspirational Australian nation

The Voice referendum has once again shown traditional political parties unmoored from the electorate. That is a problem for our prosperity.

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Joe Biden has staked his own authority on both keeping Israel secure and making sure it also acts with restraint.

Biden’s mission is to stop terrorism metastasising into regional war

The President is right to tell Israelis they must not copy America’s post-9/11 mistakes, driven by “all-consuming rage” that could ignite the region’s wider conflicts again.

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Electric vehicle owner Chris Vanderstock has successfully taken the Victorian government to the High Court.

Buck for EV road charging stops with Labor

Taxing the transition to cleaner vehicles should be part of a bigger discussion about cleaning up the nation’s tax system.

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October 18, 2023

Biden must keep the flame of peace alive

The US president must lend Israel support as he seeks its restraint in Gaza. But the long-term goal has to be a durable peace for Israeli and Palestinian alike.

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National leader and New Zealand’s PM-designate Christopher Luxon after winning Saturday’s election.

Ardernism’s defeat shifts the political centre of gravity across the Tasman

The seismic upheaval in New Zealand that has paved the way for a National-led coalition follows a voter reaction against Labour’s progressive agenda.

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But when asked to explain the defeat Anthony Albanese immediately pointed the finger at Peter Dutton and the Coalition by blaming lack of bipartisanship.

All or nothing Voice defeat compounds the national tragedy

The widely shared aspiration to achieve constitutional recognition and establish an Indigenous body to help close the gap has been sacrificed on the altar of Albanese’s ambition and overreach.

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Palestinian citizens inspect damage to their homes caused by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City.

Age-old disputes must not deter quest for peace

The horrific attacks of last Saturday are a terrible new marker in Jewish history, but the long-term goal must remain a peaceful Middle East that serves all its inhabitants.

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Reconciliation’s difficult beginning.

A referendum tragedy that didn’t need to happen

Brexit-style recriminations in the divisive aftermath of the Yes vote failing would not be in the interests of heartbroken Indigenous Australians.

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Palestinian supporters march on the Sydney Opera House on Monday.

Stand by Israel, stand up for Jewish Australians

At the same time, all must show mutual respect for people of all beliefs and faiths at a perilous moment for racial and religious relations the world over.

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Energy expert Matthew Warren said there is no Plan B as ageing coal plants deteriorate and the Victorian Labor government rules out gas peaking backups.

Carbon tax a fairer way to reach 2030 carbon target

A broad-based carbon tax would help take pressure off the decarbonisation challenge, retaining the economy’s energy competitiveness while keeping the lights on.

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Boral boss Vik Bansal says it can make better economic sense to stop production when power prices climb too high.

Energy Summit confirms stuttering transition is not on track

The scale and complexity of the task requires all hands on deck, rather than ruling out any feasible transition pathway on political grounds.

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The horrifying images of sheet-shrouded hostages being ferried into captivity by golf cart speak to the reality that barriers to peace in the Middle East exist on both sides of Israel’s disputed borders.

Hamas attack exposes unreality of Palestinian state solution

The fragility of peace in the Middle East is underscored by the carnage unleashed by Hamas and by the retaliation that Tel Aviv will shortly let loose.

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How Canberra can ride out the Congress car crash

Australia has to invest in long-term relationships, many of which rely on institutions that remind us of the glory days of American democracy. 

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Jacinta Allan’s Socialist Left faction’s relationship with the CFMEU is a concern for Victoria.

Virtual Labor-CFMEU partnership shows up on Victoria’s bottom line

Victorians deserve better than to be governed by a ruthless political machine in partnership with a renegade union at great cost to the state’s public finances.

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