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Energy & Climate Summit

The nation’s leading forum for debating the management and pace of Australia’s energy transition, and the opportunities it presents in our journey towards a low-carbon economy.




Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio discusses the energy transition challenge with Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen at the Summit in Sydney.

‘The capital is there.’ So what’s stalling the energy transition?

Problems around new transmission means Australia may fall short of its 2030 targets, but political will, capital and renewable resources remain strong drivers for the transition.

  • Angela Macdonald-Smith and Mark Ludlow
Gina Cass-Gottlieb has made a decision that may well be a world first.

ACCC’s historic Origin call heralds start of ‘terrifying’ summer

The ACCC’s Origin decision recognises the urgency of the energy transition that seems to be lacking in other quarters. 

  • James Thomson
Grattan Institute’s Tony Wood (l), Pollination’s Zoe Whitton and Boardroom Energy’s Matthew Warren at the summit on Tuesday,

‘Get your candles’: energy experts are ‘terrified’ about this summer

A summer of blackouts has emerged as a real risk from Australia’s creaking power system, increasing the likelihood of extra government intervention.

  • Angela Macdonald-Smith

Carbon tax a fairer way to reach 2030 carbon target

A broad-based carbon tax would help take pressure off the decarbonisation challenge, retaining the economy’s energy competitiveness while keeping the lights on.

  • The AFR View

One landowner can’t stop the energy transition: TransGrid CEO

TransGrid is prepared to compulsorily acquire properties along the route of the proposed 360-kilometre HumeLink in southern NSW if landowners don’t agree to sell.

  • Jenny Wiggins

This Month

Grok Ventures CEO Jeremy Kwong-Law hopes to turn the cable shortage into an opportunity.

Cannon-Brookes’ Sun Cable in manufacturing bid to solve cable shortage

The billionaire’s Grok Ventures, which bought Sun Cable out of administration, is facing a five- to eight-year wait for cables, CEO Jeremy Kwong-Law said.

  • Ben Potter
Energy Minister Chris Bowen says the Coalition is acting dishonestly by suggesting nuclear power could be cheaper than renewables .

Show us nuclear costs, Chris Bowen tells Peter Dutton

The Energy Minister has called the opposition dishonest for suggesting that nuclear power could be cheaper than renewables.

  • Jenny Wiggins
Resources Minister Madeleine King says the critical minerals list will be redefined.

Australia’s critical minerals list set for a major rethink

Coking coal and iron ore could be added to Australia’s critical minerals list under a definitional change hinted at by Resources Minister Madeleine King that bucks the global trend.

  • Peter Ker
Queensland Department of Energy and Public Works director general Paul Martyn.

Batteries to cost $18b more than pumped hydro to firm Qld renewables

Meeting Queensland’s long-duration energy storage task for its renewable energy zones would have cost $18 billion more with batteries than pumped hydro.

  • Updated
  • Ben Potter
North Asian buyers underpin Australia’s gas industry

In a world of turmoil, Labor reassures that gas exports are a priority

Resources Minister Madeleine King says the needs of trusted partners like Japan and Korea will be central to Labor’s gas strategy.

  • Peter Ker and Mark Ludlow
Vik Bansal, chief executive officer of Boral.

Industry hit by faltering energy transition

Boral is having to regularly wind back production when power prices spike, showing the toll that Australia’s stumbling energy transition is taking on manufacturing.

  • Peter Ker and Angela Macdonald-Smith
Peter Coleman says a “worry factor” will enter the oil market.

Israel-Hamas war will rock an already edgy oil market

Peter Coleman says a ‘worry factor’ from the Israel-Hamas war will lift oil prices in the short term. Longer term, it’s more evidence energy abundance is over. 

  • Updated
  • James Thomson
Fortescue Energy CEO Mark Hutchinson  has warned that businesses aren’t willing to “knuckle down” to hit net zero targets.

Business lacking ‘the will’ to urgently cut emissions: Fortescue

Fortescue Energy CEO Mark Hutchinson wants companies to bring forward their net zero targets. Those with 2040 or 2050 horizons are not acting urgently enough.

  • Updated
  • Angela Macdonald-Smith and Jenny Wiggins
Boral boss Vik Bansal says it can make better economic sense to stop production when power prices climb too high.

Energy Summit confirms stuttering transition is not on track

The scale and complexity of the task requires all hands on deck, rather than ruling out any feasible transition pathway on political grounds.

  • The AFR View
Chris Bowen

Bowen’s $387b nuclear price tag ‘doesn’t make sense’

A Westinghouse Electric executive argued bringing nuclear into the energy grid could be done far more cheaply, as the Coalition said it would consider overturning the ban.

  • Jenny Wiggins
Kevin Gallagher, CEO of Santos at the The Australian Financial Review Energy & Climate Summit.

Santos CEO says the world will never give up fossil fuels

Kevin Gallagher says the US and UK have shifted positions and Australia too will eventually swing away from demonising gas.

  • Simon Evans
The energy transition is faltering.

The energy transition is gridlocked, regulators have no answers

It’s crunch time for the switch to renewables and regulators are pleading with business to invest more and quickly. But progress is stalling.

  • Jennifer Hewett
Boral boss Vik Bansal

The startling reason Boral is stopping production almost every day

Vik Bansal, chief executive of the building products giant, has provided a reality check on how the energy transition is actually rolling out for the Australian industry.

  • James Thomson
Energy produced by solar panels on 3.5 million Australian households is equivalent to four Snowy Hydros, but not enough is being done to capitalise on it.

How 3.5m households could be ‘unsung heroes’ on road to net zero

Energy produced by solar panels on Australian households is equivalent to four Snowy Hydros, but not enough is being done to capitalise on it.

  • Ben Potter
Fortescue’s Mark Hutchinson says the green hydrogen market will develop over time.

Fortescue keeps faith in its green hydrogen unicorn hunt

Peter Coleman says buyers willing to sign up for 10-year green hydrogen contracts are like unicorns. But Fortescue’s Mark Hutchinson insists they are out there. 

  • James Thomson
More big battery projects have got the go-ahead this year than wind or solar projects.

AEMO, CEOs in call-to-arms on clean energy build-out

The nation’s energy market operator will urge developers to exploit all available government schemes to get projects into construction, and get community backing.

  • Angela Macdonald-Smith and Mark Ludlow

Why BHP is against ‘sugar hit’ subsidies for critical minerals

BHP boss Mike Henry says governments will stoke investment more sustainably through policy reform than by handing out subsidies that distort markets.

  • Peter Ker
Martijn Wilder, chairman of the new National Reconstruction Fund in Sydney on October 4, 2023.

‘Go hard, be brave’, says $15b green bank boss

National Reconstruction Fund chairman Martijn Wilder said Australia needs a WWII-style “Marshall Plan” to decarbonise the economy fast.

  • Ben Potter
Rooftop solar adoption has taken off.

Australia has more rooftop solar than coal power. What’s going wrong?

Energy regulators and retailers are failing to manage the explosion of rooftop solar power and co-ordinate demand by users to stabilise the power grid.

  • Ben Potter
Anthony Albanese and South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas have announced a deal to develop a hydrogen hub near Whyalla.

Albanese to focus on energy policy after the Voice vote

There is no pathway to affordable clean power that does not require government support. In the immediate post-referendum period, the government will turn its energies to that task.

  • Craig Emerson