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Sydneysider Nick Saady increased his salary five-fold when he landed a job in New York

Vegas trips, five times the salary: Life as an NYC lawyer to the stars

Sydneysider Nick Saady moved to New York five years ago to study a Master of Laws at New York University. He did whatever it took to stay.

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  • Ciara Seccombe


20% off tickets to Adam Grant Live - Worklife Reimagined

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The rise of remote and flexible work is helping employees find a better work-life balance.

Aussie lifestyle joins the dots for remote workers

The global work landscape was given a shakeup and turned upside down by the pandemic - and two things are certain; there is no going back, and talented workers can take advantage of their skills like never before.


by Remote

Erin Lorenzini, a former WNBL basketballer and AFLW Aussie rules footballer, applies her skill set from elite sport in the world of business.

The winning formula: an athlete’s tips for better business

For former basketballer and Australian rules footballer Erin Lorenzini, sport has proved to be the perfect training ground for a career in business.



Eduardo Briceño says we must set aside more time for learning if we want to become more productive.

Want to be more productive? Don’t try so hard

“The performance paradox is the counterintuitive reality that if we focus only on performing, our performance suffers,” says mindset expert Eduardo Briceno.

  • Euan Black

Three enduring leadership lessons from singing in the Vienna Boys’ Choir

Peter Santiago joined the world-renowned Vienna Boys’ Choir when he was 11. He chose not to pursue music professionally. But some lessons have stuck with him.

  • Euan Black
Alice Hanna, head of people and culture at Kapitol Group, said strong candidates are often weighing up four or five job offers at once.

Candidates still have the upper hand in a tight jobs market

Jobseekers are continuing to push for big pay rises and more freedom to work from home as employers struggle to fill vacancies.

  • Euan Black
Being a GP has taken a toll on one of our readers, and they want a way out.

Being a GP has taken a toll. Could I earn more in insurance?

Before job hunting and meeting new people, start by articulating your values and interests to narrow your job search, career coach Warren Frehse recommends.

  • Euan Black
Speaking at the CEW conference, Shemara Wikramanayke reckons women are “self-selecting” out of financial services jobs.

‘Don’t let boys have all the fun,’ Macquarie CEO urges potential recruits

Just one third of applicants for graduate roles at Macquarie are female, Shemara Wikramanayake said, meaning women were “self-selecting out of what we are doing” at entry level.

  • Hannah Wootton



I want to switch industries but have no contacts. What do I do?

Changing your industry, occupation and employer in one single move is not easy. Career coach Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts recommends breaking it into more manageable chunks.

  • Euan Black
LinkedIn influencer Selena Rezvani says the professional networking site is growing in popularity as its rivals deal with a trickier marketplace.

Are you spending more time on LinkedIn? You’re not alone

The 20-year-old platform is steadily rising to be the world’s preferred social media site, as the stalwarts struggle with competition or new ownership.

  • Sarah Frier
Not all high-paying jobs require you to manage others or stay glued to your desk, says career coach Leah Lambart.

I’m bored of being an accountant. What other jobs pay well?

Career coach Leah Lambart helps a management accountant who has lost motivation switch careers into a different high-paying industry.

  • Euan Black
It’s OK to say no to requests that fall outside your core roles and responsibilities.

Want to get ahead? Say no to good offers

It can be damaging to say “yes” to too much that isn’t great and failing to set anything that looks remotely like a boundary.

  • Amantha Imber