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Trinny Woodall plans her weekly wardrobe every Sunday

The founder and CEO of Trinny London is an early bird and master packer who has her makeup routine down to three minutes.

Lauren SamsFashion editor

What time do you wake up?

Today, 5.30.

And normally?

Are you an early bird?
I am. I’m an early bird and a late bird. I always plan to get to bed at 10pm but it’s really more like midnight. I need an extra hour somewhere.

What do you do first thing?
If I’m having a day that’s not productive, I’ll sit in bed and read my emails for half an hour. When I’m being productive, I open my phone and do a 12-minute meditation on the Calm app. It stops my head going straight to worry, it allows me to wake up, reset and then get out of bed. My day is always better when I start with meditation.

Breakfast with the Boss - British beauty entrepreneur Sarah-Jane Duncanson “Trinny” Woodall at the Park Hyatt, Sydney. James Brickwood

Tell me about “productive days” versus “unproductive days”. You seem like a very productive person.
Generally, every day I get quite a lot done. But there is a difference between getting things done in a way that makes you feel energised, and one where you’ve released a lot of cortisol and you’re just exhausted, and you want to vegetate in front of bad Netflix shows.

Do you drink coffee?
I do.

First thing?
I have hot water and lemon. I’ve done that since I was 16. My mother took me to a health spa once and I’ve done it ever since. I don’t love it but I feel like it’s the right thing to do. And then I have my coffee: an oat cappuccino.

How about exercise?
Yes, always. I do strength training twice a week, Pilates once and yoga twice. I can’t do it in the evening, I’m too tired. And I don’t think it’s good for your body in the evening.


Do you eat breakfast?
Yes! I eat the same thing every day – an omelette with broccoli.

How about hair and make-up?
If I’m doing a shoot, I have someone come and blow-dry my hair at home. That’s usually three days a week.

I know you plan your outfits ahead. Tell me about that.
On a Sunday, I think about my week and plan what I’ll wear. I think often we buy things or look at our wardrobe and try it on and think, ‘What was I thinking?’ Planning takes the worry out. So I try things on, sometimes I take pictures. Every man and woman has at least a little bit of body dysmorphia. Sometimes you look at what you’re wearing and think, ‘No, this is no good.’ But when you’ve planned, you’ve tried it on and you know it looks good.

And you do this every week?
Every week for the past 20 years, yes.

You’re on an Australian tour right now, what have you planned?
I have five events in each city, and I’m going to four cities. For brand events I want to be in brand colours, silver or yellow. At book events I want to be in colours that make you think of the book, and at Trinny Tribe events I like to wear sequins, fun things, because that’s what people like to see from me.

Are you a master packer?
I am. I’m very fast. I like to be very organised. I label things. This is embarrassing but behind my desk I have a Muji drawer and all of the compartments are labelled – EU Apple charger, Australian Apple charger, US Apple charger. When you’re packing, every little inch counts.

You’re so efficient.
I like to sort. It’s like meditation for me, actually. I get a lot of good ideas when I’m arranging things.

Do you have a go-to skin routine?
I look in the mirror and think, “How tired do I feel?” and “How well did I take care of my skin last night?” It depends on that. I cleanse my skin, I do a facial massage with a gua sha. I apply a PHA serum, I do a peptide serum, hyaluronic acid and then SPF.

Do you wear make-up every day?
I do. I have it down to three minutes.

Do you like morning meetings?
Yes. But how much you like the meeting depends entirely on how much the room stimulates you, not the time of day. It’s what comes out of people’s mouths, it’s what the meeting is about. If I’m having a P&L meeting that’s going on for 2½ hours and I’m looking at spreadsheets … that’s 9am. Creative meetings are different. We often have an editorial content meeting where we talk about ideas on a Friday after lunch. People are more energised for creativity then. But I’ve found my afternoons are better now anyway as I’ve cut out sugar after lunch.

Is it helping?
Definitely. I used to have a coffee and a piece of banana bread after lunch. I needed the treat. But now I know it gives me a slump. I have a green juice now, and a protein bar.

How do you recharge?
When I talk all day, I need to have a bath and go to bed. You can’t do this all day and go out. You need to rest.

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