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Higher Education Summit

The Australian Financial Review Higher Education Summit will identify and explore bold new ideas in higher education, with a focus on adaptation, resilience and opportunities for institutions to carve out a stronger post-pandemic future.

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A university degree will be almost mandatory to obtain future work, fundamentally challenging a system that was last reformed nearly 40 years ago.

How to double the university sector

A university degree will be almost mandatory to obtain future work, fundamentally challenging a system that was last reformed nearly 40 years ago.

  • Tom Burton
Incorporating artificial intelligence into tertiary education would come with an upfront cost, but universities will reap the benefits, says Cathy Foley.

AI use by uni students three times rate of workforce

Nearly 60 per cent of university students are using artificial intelligence in their studies - three times the rate of take-up in the workforce.

  • Sally Patten
Vicki Thomson, CEO of the Go8 traditional universities: Criticism that many Australian students aren’t happy with their university experience is an “urban myth”.

Supersized universities forced to think small

Australian vice chancellors argue their students get a great education and reject any criticism that ever bigger student numbers detract from the experience.

  • Jennifer Hewett

‘Envy tax’ on universities dismissed as ‘abhorrent’

Imposing a levy on revenue raised from international students has been rejected as ‘sending the wrong message’ that could cause those considering Australia to look elsewhere.

  • Euan Black

Uni graduates lack crucial skills and online study is making it worse

Employers are crying out for graduates with better communication and collaborative skills, according to the woman leading the inquiry into the sector.

  • Gus McCubbing and Tom Burton


Declining high school completions is thwarting the need to double tertiary educated students, Education Minister Jason Clare says.

‘Keeps me up at night’: NAPLAN data to spark schools overhaul

Education Minister Jason Clare says the latest results will show the need for major school reform to address the poor results of disadvantaged students.

  • Tom Burton
The Albanese government should increase student contributions to get more Australians into university without hitting the budget, Michael Brennan says.

Charge students more to expand uni access: outgoing PC boss

The Albanese government should increase student contributions to get more Australians into university without hitting the budget, Michael Brennan says.

  • Michael Read and Ronald Mizen
Education minister Jason Clare says he will remove the politics from the awarding of research grants.

‘No political plaything’: Labor to end research grant veto

Changes to the Australian Research Council will ensure government ministers cannot veto grants at whim.

  • Julie Hare
Learning that takes place on the job must be recognised and recorded, says the BCA

Fix education and training to boost productivity: BCA

Australia’s education system is a major drag on productivity, says the BCA, but it doesn’t need to be.

  • Julie Hare

Jason Clare’s big university targets ‘totally unrealistic’

The idea that 55 per cent of young people will have a degree by 2035 is not just unrealistic, but fails to ask students what they want.

  • Julie Hare
Opening the doors of opportunity to disadvantaged young people has vast potential consequences.

Why getting the universities accord right is so important

Increased participation in higher education is fundamental to addressing inequality and lifting economic productivity.

  • Ian Anderson
Forage co-founder Pasha Rayan says serendipity and drive are equally important in a start-up.

The unis turning students into entrepreneurs (riding unicorns)

The success of companies such as Atlassian and AirTasker is fuelling an entrepreneurial spirit at universities, but their experts say good ideas, not dreams of money, are the golden ticket.

  • Julie Hare


Australia’s declining literacy rates can be turned around but universities play a critical role.

Teachers know what’s needed, universities should get on board

The solution to Australia’s literacy problem is clear and evidence-based. So, why aren’t universities getting on board?

  • Jennifer Buckingham
Education Minister Jason Clare has stressed a key objective of the Universities Accord will be re-tilting admissions and funding policies in favour of disadvantaged students.

Uni shake-up mustn’t reheat the Gonski fallacy

Rather than fixating on the supposed lack of input, higher education funding reform should focus on lifting outcomes and improving incentives.

  • Glenn Fahey
Universities might find they have to trade off autonomy for funding certainty.

Universities ‘sleepwalking’ towards more government control

The interim report into higher education has been lauded by vice-chancellors, but it contains a sting in the tail.

  • Julie Hare
Jason Clare says higher education must adapt to future skills needs.

Unis must get better at equity, skills and experience: Clare

An interim report says graduates need more highly honed skills in the professions and universities need to accept more students from outer suburbs and regions.

  • Julie Hare
Federal Education Minister Jason Clare.

A light tap on the door of uni opportunity

The recommendation from the review of universities, to help disadvantaged students, just scratches the surface of broader reform of Australia’s higher education sector.

  • Jennifer Hewett
Melbourne takes the crown as the best city in Australia to be a student.

Why Melbourne is the best city to go to university

The Victorian capital and Sydney have battled it out to be named the best Australian city for students to live in.

  • Julie Hare
Failures in university governance have allowed widespread wage theft, casualisation and poor student experience.

Government to unis: get governing bodies in order

Education Minister Jason Clare’s much anticipated higher education review has some harsh words about poor policy and even poorer governance.

  • Julie Hare
Jasmin Statham-Smith is studying for a bachelor of business studies with help from the Snowy Monaro Country University Centre.

Do you live in a region without a uni? This $67m boost could help

Community-led study hubs that enable people in regional areas to get a degree are being backed by Education Minister Jason Clare’s higher education review.

  • Julie Hare
The draft review into higher education will be released on Wednesday.

Elizabeth to Elizabeth Bay: education minister wants more kids at uni

The draft review into higher education will be released on Wednesday with equity and opportunity for people from disadvantaged backgrounds at its core.

  • Julie Hare
The higher education review must address unfair and detrimental student funding.

Unis are heading for a funding cliff

Under the Job-ready Graduates package, universities are forced to do ‘more with less’ and that has undermined universities’ ability to educate skilled workers.

  • Catriona Jackson
Jason Clare at the ministerial reference group last Friday.

At last, urgent change for education seems possible

Will there finally be progress improving teacher training to ensure quality becomes the standard in Australia not reliant on the dedication of individual teachers?

  • Jennifer Hewett
Responses to the review of initial teacher education are becoming fraught.

‘No esoteric ideas’: Hordes of teachers sign up for practical reading courses

Eight thousand teachers have signed up for courses to learn the basics of evidence-based instruction over the past three years, proof of huge unmet demand for practical help in teaching and managing classes.

  • Updated
  • Julie Hare
Bigger is not better when it comes to university teaching.

How to make uni grads smarter, more productive

The university sector could do more to improve the experience and skills of graduates, but current policy settings undermine any ambition to do so.

  • Julie Hare