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Energy & Climate


Donna Jones took part in Project Edge, a trial of two-way grid trading for solar/battery homeowners in Yackandandah, Victoria.

Pay households and they will use energy wisely

If you offer money to householders to provide power at certain times or to reduce demand, they will happily do it – provided it isn’t just a pea and thimble trick.

  • Tristan Edis

This Month

Global demand for coal and gas for power generation will peak within seven years, the International Energy Agency says.

Demand for fossil fuels will peak by 2030: global energy body

The IEA’s annual report warns that avoiding catastrophic climate change requires a 30 per cent cut in extraction of oil and gas by 2030.

  • Jacob Greber
IPCC reports show that we have 8.5 years until we reach the key 1.5˚C global warming mark.

Collective action crucial to drive systems-wide change to cut emissions

The 1.5 degree threshold, laid out in the Paris Agreement signed in 2016 was earmarked as “the key tipping point” for climate change globally.


by Accenture

Smart ways to get the most out of your solar

Homeowners are using tips and tricks to shift as much of their power usage as possible to solar.

  • Christopher Niesche

The final stop before landfill: waste-to-energy plants

With the right technology, sewage sludge, abattoir and household waste can all be converted into energy or usable products.

  • Sian Powell
University of NSW senior lecturer Megan Evans says an offset market won’t help restore nature.

Biodiversity credits aim to help repair nature

The government is seeking to establish a nature repair market, with biodiversity credits creating a new asset class for investors.

  • Christopher Niesche
Deb Stevenson says the café has become a thriving community hub.

How these Aussie cafes are keeping laptops out of landfill

Repair cafés are part of a growing culture of re-use, recycle and repair around Australia as garbage levels soar and recycling systems break down.

  • Tom McIlroy
Billionaire spat: Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes.

Forrest reignites media bias row with fellow WA billionaire Stokes

Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes were due to come face-to-face at a black tie charity event in Perth on Saturday night.

  • Brad Thompson
Senegal Mangroves.

How to sell fake carbon credits: ‘I probably will go to jail’

A scheme to protect trees in Zimbabwe generated big profits but didn’t help global warming,

No matter who collects EV revenue, we have to charge smartly

EVs are clean, cheap to run, and could encourage more driving. That will be a test for state governments, which can no longer set road user charges.

  • Marion Terrill
Donna Jones of Yackandandah, Victoria, has solar panels and a battery.

She wanted to do the right thing on renewables – but found a $6b bonus

Yackandandah nurse Donna Jones volunteered for Project Edge to support the grid’s transition from coal power. She discovered there were far more benefits.

  • Ben Potter
Energy expert Matthew Warren said there is no Plan B as ageing coal plants deteriorate and the Victorian Labor government rules out gas peaking backups.

Carbon tax a fairer way to reach 2030 carbon target

A broad-based carbon tax would help take pressure off the decarbonisation challenge, retaining the economy’s energy competitiveness while keeping the lights on.

  • The AFR View
Grok Ventures CEO Jeremy Kwong-Law hopes to turn the cable shortage into an opportunity.

Cannon-Brookes’ Sun Cable in manufacturing bid to solve cable shortage

The billionaire’s Grok Ventures, which bought Sun Cable out of administration, is facing a five- to eight-year wait for cables, CEO Jeremy Kwong-Law said.

  • Ben Potter
Queensland Department of Energy and Public Works director general Paul Martyn.

Batteries to cost $18b more than pumped hydro to firm Qld renewables

Meeting Queensland’s long-duration energy storage task for its renewable energy zones would have cost $18 billion more with batteries than pumped hydro.

  • Updated
  • Ben Potter
The UK is capitalising on new growth sectors and harnessing clean energy.

The small matter of the future

The UK’s clean energy industry is estimated to employ 247,400 full-time equivalent workers.


by British High Commission

Boral boss Vik Bansal says it can make better economic sense to stop production when power prices climb too high.

Energy Summit confirms stuttering transition is not on track

The scale and complexity of the task requires all hands on deck, rather than ruling out any feasible transition pathway on political grounds.

  • The AFR View
Energy produced by solar panels on 3.5 million Australian households is equivalent to four Snowy Hydros, but not enough is being done to capitalise on it.

How 3.5m households could be ‘unsung heroes’ on road to net zero

Energy produced by solar panels on Australian households is equivalent to four Snowy Hydros, but not enough is being done to capitalise on it.

  • Ben Potter
The Australian gas industry is well placed to lead the charge into a hydrogen future in the same way the sector has built one of the most enviable LNG export industries on the planet

We can’t afford the hydrogen debate to get bogged down

The scale and urgency of the net-zero transformation demands Australia adopt a technology-neutral, emissions-intensity focused hydrogen pathway that doesn’t exclude any fuels or technologies.

  • Samantha McCulloch
Martijn Wilder, chairman of the new National Reconstruction Fund in Sydney on October 4, 2023.

‘Go hard, be brave’, says $15b green bank boss

National Reconstruction Fund chairman Martijn Wilder said Australia needs a WWII-style “Marshall Plan” to decarbonise the economy fast.

  • Ben Potter
Gaps are emerging in planning and policy towards Australia’s ambitions for a future green hydrogen industry.

Pressure testing Australia’s hydrogen dream

Australia’s mighty push towards a clean hydrogen-powered future has been supercharged by optimism for its potential to solve the global decarbonisation challenge.


by Westpac