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Bill Hayden’s foreign policy was his finest hour

Former Labor leader Bill Hayden’s 1983 ANZUS review preserved the alliance, but he despised craven and servile pandering to Washington

  • James Curran

The map that shows Australia’s nine most important allies

The long list of alliances that Australia has joined in recent years is dizzying. Our international editor James Curran untangles the alphabet soup of acronyms and ranks them by importance.

  • James Curran and Les Hewitt
In Germany, pro-Palestinian protestors demonstrate at a rally in Bochum.

How mass migration could spread the Israel-Hamas war to Europe

A failure to integrate migrant communities from the Middle East has led to parallel societies.

  • James Crisp

This Month

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles (centre) with Philippine National Defence Secretary Gilberto Teodoro jnr (centre left), Australian ambassador to the Philippines Hae Kyong Yu (centre right), and soldiers before the drills.

Australia cannot stay silent on China’s bullying of the Philippines

The latest maritime incident in the South China Sea warrants an unequivocal statement on escalating aggression and following through on promised joint patrols.

  • Jennifer Parker
Jodie Haydon and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese are greeted by the children of Australian embassy staff in Washington ahead of his meeting with the US president.

Albanese’s Washington mission is to get AUKUS done

It would not be in Australia’s nor America’s interest for the prime minister to head to China next month with nothing to show on AUKUS from the trip to the White House.

  • The AFR View
Smoke rises after an Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip.

Why the Middle East risks exploding

Anthony Albanese arrives in Washington as the Middle East crisis threatens to destabilise the entire region with unpredictable consequences.

  • Jennifer Hewett
Economist Max Corden was a famous trade economist.

Economic ‘giant’ Max Corden dies, aged 96

One of Australia’s most influential economists, he was the intellectual thought leader behind cutting tariff protection in the 1970s and ’80s to help deliver today’s economic prosperity.

  • John Kehoe
The release of Australian journalist Cheng Lei provides a constructive backdrop for Anthony Albanese’s meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping.

China’s protracted release of Australian trade leaves a bad taste

China will use Anthony Albanese’s visit to set the relationship for the next 50 years, but it must end economic coercion of Australia.

  • The AFR View
President Joe Biden’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the slaughter of Jews by Hamas has been exemplary.

Is the planet staggering towards global conflict?

The best way to stop war spreading is to make it clear to our adversaries the incalculable price they would pay for their bellicose behaviour.

  • Alexander Downer
Anthony Albanese will visit Joe Biden at a fraught time.

Australia confronts a world of trouble

Even before Hamas struck, foreign-policy makers have had to get used to a pitiless procession of global shocks.

  • Rory Medcalf
Peter Varghese says people are living through an “age of distraction”.

Thwarting China is not in our interests says former intelligence chief

Eminent strategist Peter Varghese is concerned that policy substance has gone missing in action.

  • James Curran
A bullet hole in a window of one of the homes invaded during Hamas’ attack.

How one kibbutz defended itself from Hamas

Hundreds were saved through the quick thinking of a lone woman, but a group of Gazan agricultural workers in the community paid the ultimate price.

  • Wendell Steavenson
Supporters of the far-right “Zukunft Heimat” (“Homeland Future”) movement, including some with black t-shirts that read: “Love of homeland is not a crime,” at a gathering on German Unity Day on October 3.

The return of the two Germanys

The country is in economic and political crisis and parties of the extreme left and right are rising again.

  • Wolfgang Münchau
Deloitte’s advisory services were dumped just weeks into a 12-month contract.

Defence spending needs to increase 50pc

The military will be skewed towards a small number of potent but expensive submarines, leaving the rest of the navy and air force under-resourced.

  • Rowan Moffit and Jon Stanford

Israel confronts its grim choices

Hamas has already succeeded in its aims of stirring up hatred of Israel and antagonism towards the US across the Middle East.

  • Jennifer Hewett

Crypto donations for Hamas being sought in Australia on Telegram app

Counter-terrorism authorities have been alerted to posts on the messaging platform seeking money to fund the militant group’s fight against Israel.

  • Tom Richardson and Andrew Tillett
Joe Biden boards Air Force One at Andrews Airforce base on his way to Israel.

Joe Biden’s fraught mission of deterrence

The US president’s Middle East trip just got more complicated. But his calculus remains the same: to pull the region back from the brink of a major conflict.

  • James Curran
India’s former national security minister, Shivshankar Menon says, “We are in an age of “political confusion”.

Everyone is a revisionist in Asia today

A leading Indian strategic thinker cautions that visions of a stable Asian “order” are illusory as the regional balance of power shifts so rapidly.

  • James Curran
Alan Landis (second from right) greets his son Michael, daughter-in-law Leemore Medin and grandaughter who arrived on QR7424, the first dedicated rescue flight  carrying 222 Australians fleeing the war in the Middle East.

Tears of relief as evacuated Aussies land in Sydney

There were emotional scenes at Sydney Airport as the first rescue flight carrying Australians out of Israel touched down.

  • Updated
  • Joanne Tran and Ayesha de Kretser
President Joe Biden is visiting Israel to see Benjamin Netanyahu.

Biden tries shuttle diplomacy on brink of war

The Hamas assault provoking Israel’s fierce response makes the Middle East a powder keg, and Joe Biden is expected to show solidarity for Israel while urging restraint.

  • Jennifer Hewett