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Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in Beijing this month.

Our geopolitical era is worse than a new cold war

The liberal toolkit didn’t just fail to change the dictators. It’s now being weaponised against the West.

  • 2 mins ago
  • Misha Zelinsky

This Month

Supporters of the far-right “Zukunft Heimat” (“Homeland Future”) movement, including some with black t-shirts that read: “Love of homeland is not a crime,” at a gathering on German Unity Day on October 3.

The return of the two Germanys

The country is in economic and political crisis and parties of the extreme left and right are rising again.

  • Wolfgang Münchau



‘Pursued for life’: Hong Kong’s bounty hunters target Australians

The Hong Kong government’s decision to put a price on the heads of two Australian residents has strained efforts to mend ties between Canberra and Beijing.

  • Michael Smith
Activist Nathan Law, pictured protesting in Rome, now lives in the UK.

Hong Kong’s bounty sends a terrible message to the world

Putting a price on the heads of protesters is off-putting to the people and businesses the territory is trying woo back.

Hong Kong political exile Ted Hui has been living in exile in Australia since March 2021.

Hong Kong ‘trashing its reputation’ with bounty, say targeted exiles

Two Australian residents are among eight activists in exile around the world who were named by the territory’s police, an action Penny Wong called “deeply disappointing”.

  • Updated
  • Michael Smith


The characters of Succession

Five questions ‘Succession’ finale must answer

A show like “Succession” doesn’t come along often, and it will all be over today when the last episode airs of the fourth and final season.

  • Jennifer Vineyard
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has used the one-man-rule system imposed in the wake of a controversial referendum in 2018 to stack the system in his favour.

Erdogan scores win through culture wars and soft authoritarianism

It looked as if time was running out for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in this week’s election but he has surprised his critics by forcing a runoff vote.

  • Ishaan Tharoor
JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon says he’d take a mild recession happily right now.

What really scares Jamie Dimon (and it isn’t the next US bank to fall)

The JPMorgan boss says bank collapses are normal, and he’d happily take a mild recession. It’s the abnormal stuff that worries him. 

  • James Thomson
Pheu Thai party’s candidate for prime minister Paetongtarn Shinawatra at an election rally in Bangkok.

Military likely victim of Thailand’s messy election

The opposition is leading the polls ahead of Thailand’s election, but it may need the support of smaller parties and even military backed ones to form government.

  • Greg Raymond


America’s largely unified political left is sustaining momentum.

Wisconsin rout points to Democrat’s enduring strength

The commanding victory by a liberal candidate in a pivotal race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court showed the enduring power of abortion rights for Democratic voters.

  • Reid Epstein


Chris Patten says liberal democracies often, in the words of Joni Mitchell, “don’t know what they have til its gone”.

Subs deal inevitable response to Beijing’s ‘bullying’

AUKUS is an understandable response to the threats China continues to make, says Chris Patten, the final governor of Hong Kong.

  • Julie Hare
Electricity transmission towers close to the Eskom Holdings Acacia electrical substation in the Monte Vista district of Cape Town.

Scandal at South Africa’s Eskom: the CEO and the cyanide-laced coffee

The poisoning of André de Ruyter is a dramatic example of how organised crime cartels have seeped into the country’s state, bringing it to the brink.

  • David Pilling


Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, during a news conference in Ottawa.

China’s alleged election meddling creates problems for Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau said China had been trying to interfere in Canada’s democracy, after a report alleged China had meddled in the most recent federal election.

  • Brian Platt

The great China rush is clearly back on

The thaw in Chinese Australia diplomatic relations is giving Australian businesses greater confidence the export market will reopen. But there are plenty of threatening cracks to navigate.

  • Updated
  • Jennifer Hewett


The Inflation Reduction Act will provide about $370bn worth of subsidies for clean energy, marking the US’s most ambitious effort to tackle climate change.

US states recruit European clean tech groups with green subsidies

Delegations from Michigan, Georgia, Ohio and other states have toured Europe armed with details of juicy subsidies offered by the Inflation Reduction Act.

  • Amanda Chu, Derek Brower and Aime Williams
The Davos Class has some choices to make.

Hello Davos, you are the problem

Global elites are busy undermining the economic fairness that’s needed if the anti-democrats and demagogues are to be kept at bay.

  • Misha Zelinsky
Former Republican moderate Kevin McCarthy had to appease a hardline fringe to get the Speakers’ job.

Why fringe figures are holding democracies hostage

In the US, Britain and Israel, traditional centre-right parties have fallen under the sway of once-extremist fringes. How did it happen?

  • Ian Buruma
A Federal investigator outside the Brazilian Supreme Court building in front of windows damaged by supporters of Brazil’s former President Jair Bolsonaro.

Rioters arrested, now Brazil goes after security officials

The nation’s top officials have turned their focus to the political and business elites suspected of inspiring, organising or aiding the rioters.

  • Ana Ionova, André Spigariol and Jack Nicas

Assault on presidential palace, congress challenges Brazil’s democracy

The siege in Brazil’s political capital suggests a spreading plague of far-right disrupters in Western democracies, as hardliners radicalised by incendiary political rhetoric refuse to accept election losses.

  • Anthony Boadle
Scott Perry: “Trust but verify.”

McCarthy offers deal to end standoff in House speaker fight

Even if Kevin McCarthy can secure the votes he needs, he will emerge as a weakened speaker, having given away some powers and leaving him constantly under threat of being voted out by his detractors.

  • Lisa Mascaro and Farnoush Amiri