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This Month

Increased focus on all-electric buildings   and powered by renewables will help us reach net zero with more certainty, says Davina Rooney, CEO of Green Building Council of Australia.

As timber buildings go up, emissions come down

The growing use of engineered wood products allows for less embodied carbon in buildings, but that alone won’t make construction clean.

  • Michael Bleby

Smart ways to get the most out of your solar

Homeowners are using tips and tricks to shift as much of their power usage as possible to solar.

  • Christopher Niesche

After slow start, EV sales pick up speed

The recent jump in sales of electric vehicles comes before the full effects of new lower-cost Chinese models for less than $40,000 are felt.

  • Tony Davis

The final stop before landfill: waste-to-energy plants

With the right technology, sewage sludge, abattoir and household waste can all be converted into energy or usable products.

  • Sian Powell
Sam Elsom, CEO of Sea Forest

How to cut emissions with seaweed and burgers

The development of asparagopsis as a livestock feed supplement is just one of many ways the agricultural sector is reducing emissions.

  • Larry Schlesinger
University of NSW senior lecturer Megan Evans says an offset market won’t help restore nature.

Biodiversity credits aim to help repair nature

The government is seeking to establish a nature repair market, with biodiversity credits creating a new asset class for investors.

  • Christopher Niesche
Deb Stevenson says the café has become a thriving community hub.

How these Aussie cafes are keeping laptops out of landfill

Repair cafés are part of a growing culture of re-use, recycle and repair around Australia as garbage levels soar and recycling systems break down.

  • Tom McIlroy
Tim Peel, chief financial officer at Scape, said the company’s latest $1.4 billion helped consolidate existing debt from previous acquisitions.

How a dozen banks and a green trigger recast a $1.4b debt deal

Talks over a new Scape debt deal began in November last year, but a sleeper clause was not activated until now to tie the money to lower carbon emissions.

  • Aaron Weinman
Mirvac’s LIV Munro build-to-rent project in the Melbourne CBD.

How developers can make BTR properties hold their value

Failure to create sustainable buildings will leave the owners with stock that will struggle to find tenants in the years ahead, a report says.

  • Michael Bleby


Investors are pouring billions into data centres.

Energy-hungry data centres can also be a source of power

The facilities use a lot of energy, but could also be tapped as a local power source for buildings or precincts – if Australia’s laws allow it.

  • Michael Bleby


‘Fashion Reimagined’ still

Sustainable fashion? This doco shows just how hard it is

Six years ago, Amy Powney, owner of British label Mother of Pearl unpicked her business and remade it to be more environmentally responsible.

  • Lauren Sams
Lucy Thomas (left), global head of sustainable investing, UBS Asset Management and Alison Telfer, country head, UBS Asset Management.

Meet the duo ushering in a new era for UBS asset management

UBS country head sees the Swiss firm becoming a triple threat once again as it combines investment banking and asset management with Credit Suisse’s private bank.

  • Aaron Weinman


Michael Bennett, CBA

CBA gives business clients tool to measure building energy efficiency

Building owners need to ensure their assets are competitive, and banks don’t want to be left funding stranded assets in a fast-changing market.

  • Michael Bleby

ASIC accuses Vanguard of greenwashing in $1b-plus bond fund

After claiming to have screened out fossil fuels, the fund was invested in Chevron, an oil pipeline in the US and Abu Dhabi, and a petroleum company in Chile.

  • Hannah Wootton
Even more problematically, a mere 51 entities accounted for 80 per cent of net energy consumption.

Sustainability reporting rules would be regulatory overkill

Treasury’s proposed framework would cast a wide net and impose onerous reporting burdens on 23,144 companies that produce just a fraction of the nation’s emissions.

  • Peter Wells
London calling: in the UK office market, buildings with higher sustainability ratings are developing a value premium over lower-rated ones.

UK property market now comes with a green premium

London office properties with good environmental credentials can command 20 per cent more in rent, as a result of corporate efforts to cut emissions.

  • Alastair Marsh


There was a 25 per cent growth in entries this year, as more and more companies turn to better environmental and social outcomes, and tangible business value.

How Sustainability Leaders list entrants are assessed

There was a 25 per cent growth in entries this year as more and more companies turn to better environmental and social outcomes, and tangible business value.

  • BCG

Telstra turns the tables on disposable tech

The telco became the first internet service provider in Australia to make a modem from 85 per cent recycled plastics with the launch of its Smart Modem 3.

  • Agnes King
Australian cricketer Steve Smith Smith paid $100,000 for a 10 per cent stake in Koala in 2015

Koala leads retailers in battling the war on waste

Koala is one of these five retailers proving that what’s good for the planet is also good for their bottom line.

  • Agnes King
IAG says it sees the effects of climate change on its customers and communities on the ground every day.

The driving purpose behind IAG’s winning action plan

The insurer says it sees the effects of climate change on its customers and communities on the ground every day.

  • Mark Eggleton