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Unproductive meetings often prevent people from doing higher-value work.

I waste hours in meetings every day. How can I get out of them?

Spending hours every day in unproductive meetings is a recipe for burnout. Inventium’s Amantha Imber says you must raise this with your manager.

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  • Euan Black

This Month

I’m returning to work after having a child. How can I get into gear?

Returning to work after having a baby is a major life change, says Parents at Work CEO Emma Walsh. So be kind to yourself and be willing to experiment.

  • Euan Black
Having the same pre-work routine each morning will help you get into the zone while working from home.

How can I be more productive while working from home?

Sticking to the same pre-work routine every morning is a good way of getting into the zone, says Atlassian’s work futurist Dominic Price.

  • Euan Black

My boss is a workaholic. How can I keep up without ruining my life?

Workplace expert Michelle Gibbings says the answer lies in open and honest communication. And clarifying your boss’ expectations is a good place to start.

  • Euan Black


I don’t like suits or chinos. What else can I wear to work?

The key is to pick up some “casual pillars”, such as a tailored trouser and a casual blazer, that can be mixed and matched to produce multiple outfits. 

  • Euan Black
Savvy professionals never stop developing their skills. But enrolling in a course is not the only way to learn and grow.

I’m a busy lawyer. How can I find time to ‘future-proof’ my career?

High-performing professionals never stop developing their skills. But career coach Edwin Trevor-Roberts says enrolling in a course is not the only way to grow.

  • Euan Black
Being a GP has taken a toll on one of our readers, and they want a way out.

Being a GP has taken a toll. Could I earn more in insurance?

Before job hunting and meeting new people, start by articulating your values and interests to narrow your job search, career coach Warren Frehse recommends.

  • Euan Black



I want to switch industries but have no contacts. What do I do?

Changing your industry, occupation and employer in one single move is not easy. Career coach Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts recommends breaking it into more manageable chunks.

  • Euan Black
Not all high-paying jobs require you to manage others or stay glued to your desk, says career coach Leah Lambart.

I’m bored of being an accountant. What other jobs pay well?

Career coach Leah Lambart helps a management accountant who has lost motivation switch careers into a different high-paying industry.

  • Euan Black