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Clementine Ford, whose new book, I Don’t: The Case Against Marriage, should be required reading for Millennials and Gen Z.

Why women should never get married – ever

A new book by Australian feminist Clementine Ford aims to stop females entering into an institution that does them harm.

  • Theo Chapman

This Month

Glossier CEO and founder Emily Weiss is mystifyingly private.

Inside a brand that became a unicorn in just five years

A new book looks at the bumpy career of Emily Weiss, the enigmatic founder of Glossier.

  • Lauren Sams
Cooped up inside for months during the pandemic, Ben McKenzie dived deep into the world of cryptocurrency.

A TV actor wrote the crypto book Michael Lewis should have

When Ben McKenzie of The OC saw other celebrities cashing in on the digital coin craze, he got angry, righteous, and decided to correct the record.

  • Myriam Robin
Michael Lewis in May at Miami’s Bitcoin 2023 conference, which is touted by organisers as “the biggest annual celebration of bitcoin in the world”.

Did Michael Lewis get sucked in by Sam Bankman-Fried?

The bestselling financial author met the cryptocurrency boss at the apex of his wealth and influence. The pair may have become far too close.

  • James Ledbetter


The cover of the Elon Musk biography.

The new Musk bio is more love letter than personal history

The entrepreneur’s much-anticipated biography has interesting anecdotes but is too uncritical of its flawed subject.

  • Mark Di Stefano


Gabrielle Zevin has had to switch from author to “instant raconteur”.

This author’s bestselling book shows you how to continue after failure

“Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” writer Gabrielle Zevin talks about the never-ending cycle of hopes and broken dreams in a creative life.

  • Lucy Dean


Michael Wesley’s new book goes into forensic detail about Australia’s mission to support Solomon Islands, starting in 2003.

How Australia helped save Solomon Islands from itself

An important new book explains how Australian soldiers, police officers and diplomats staunched a cycle of bloodshed and rebuilt a shattered state.

  • James Curran

December 2022

A share is worth what its future income is worth to a buyer today.

These books will restore financial common sense in 2023

You might have gone into last year with a touch of crypto FOMO, a feeling that you must read “Bitcoin Billionaires” and so on. By now, you probably don’t.

  • Merryn Somerset Webb
The best nonfiction books were hard to pick in a year of excellence.

The best nonfiction books of 2022 that will make you think

This year’s most thought-provoking tomes include Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross’ “How to Identify Energisers, Creators, and Winners Around the World”.

  • Stephen Carter

The best nine music books of the year

The Australian Financial Review’s pick of the year’s books about music and musicians.

  • Michael Bailey
 Within the diagnosis of decline there lingers the desire to restore greatness, to Make America Great Again.

Why the US is addicted to greatness and haunted by its loss

If the US is to craft a new political culture less obsessed with grandeur and more in touch with reality, it must start with the young.

  • Adam Tooze

The 16 best books of 2022 – and designer coffee tables to put them on

Five categories, from fiction to brain food, covering books to give as gifts or to read yourself – or both.

  • Luke Slattery

November 2022

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres at the launch of ‘The Light We Carry’.

Rock star, role model, empath-in-chief: Michelle Obama’s life lessons

In converting her life story into self-empowering bromides, the former first lady has exposed the limits of her politics.

  • Lola Seaton
Will Pucovski after he was hit at Drummoyne Oval in December 2020.

How data could help make cricket better – and a lot safer

Fatalities in the sport are often labelled “freaks”, but a new book using data analysis suggests head impacts and concussions may be hugely under-reported.

  • Martin Newman
Love him or hate him, you can’t accuse the sunglassed one of lapel-pin activism.

Why Bono’s second career is the reason to keep reading his book

From the deal he did with George W. Bush to what he learned when Mikhail Gorbachev came over for dinner, the U2 frontman’s memoir is a rambling, fascinating read.

  • Chris Klimek

October 2022

A new book recounts shocking behaviour by McKinsey including its role in the US opioid crisis.

McKinsey’s biggest sin isn’t valuing profit, it’s pretending not to

From advising drug-makers how to “turbocharge” sales to working for corrupt governments, a new book lays bare how the consulting giant’s track record defies its much-touted “values”.

  • Hannah Wootton
A new book recounts shocking behaviour by McKinsey including its role in the US opioid crisis.

The scandals and hypocrisy behind McKinsey’s sterling reputation

A new book shatters the luminous image that has long been attached to the consulting giant.

  • Michael Bobelian

September 2022

Sanjeev Gupta was the biggest customer of Lex’s Greensill Capital, while former UK prime minister David Cameron went to work for the firm as a lobbyist.

Inside the rise and spectacular fall of Lex Greensill

A new book about the business exploits of the boy from Bundaberg is flying off the shelves in his home town as court battles continue over Greensill Capital’s implosion.

  • Jenny Wiggins

July 2022

Bo Seo, author of Good Arguments (Simon & Schuster)

A Harvard graduate explains why good debate makes us all better

Two-time World Debating champion and former AFR journalist Bo Seo argues that listening is at least as important as talking in creating a more harmonious world.

  • Andrew Burke
Desmond Shum pictured in New York, in 2010.

‘Wealthy people aren’t so much brilliant as lucky’

An insider’s account of Chinese crony capitalism provides better business advice than modern versions of How to Make Friends and Influence People.

  • Aaron Patrick