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Blessed with a sardonically witty style, Michael Lewis has the gift of being able to explain to the ordinary reader how the world actually works.

How Michael Lewis made a fortune writing about money

The author’s nose for a story has made him a figure as influential in finance as most of the people in his books – and probably as rich.

  • Jake Kerridge

This Month

Gut bacteria, psychedelics and the future of mental health treatments

This accessible book looks at how our brains work and evaluates hyped treatments for our most common psychological problems.

  • Tanveer Ahmed
Children play at the demolished site of the traditional housings of old part of town Monday in Shanghai.

WWII started in Shanghai and Aussies were there to bear witness

Among the foreigners living large in the Chinese city was a young woman whose sympathies flew counter to her country’s world view.

  • Nick Hordern


Chinese President Xi Jinping, center, at a naval port in Sanya, in South China’s Hainan Province, in 2019.

Why we can’t rely on our alliance with the US

A new book by Sam Roggeveen is bound to profoundly unsettle the Australian national security policy consensus.

  • James Curran
There is nothing inevitable or preordained about the patriarchy, says Angela Saini.

Meet the writer who says men were not born to rule

British author Angela Saini’s enlightening trip through history and science reveals the truth about the patriarchy, and that it might not be males’ best option.

  • Julie Hare
Naomi Wolf, whose book The Beauty Myth catapulted her to global fame.

The author of feminist treatise The Beauty Myth is now a Trump fan

Writer Naomi Klein has suffered years of abuse after being confused with Naomi Wolf, a darling of the left who embraced the populist right.

  • Michelle Goldberg
By following the money AUSTRAC is identifying child abuse material.

How AUSTRAC is saving kids from sexual abuse

The financial enforcer is ensuring banks report the kind of transactions that give away the activities of predators.

  • Madonna King


Australian author Anna Funder.

Brilliant, but selfish and sexist: a new look at Orwell

Patriarchy is a giant Ponzi scheme, and author George Orwell was in the middle of it, Anna Funder says in a biography of the famous writer’s neglected wife.

  • Andrew Clark
Wartime Saigon once hosted Soul Alley.

The secret area of Vietnam that even ChatGPT won’t tell you about

The existence of an African-American enclave in Saigon adds the spice of little-known fact to a work of fiction.

  • Jimmy Thomson
Two new books ask the question: what would you have done under Nazi occupation.

What would you have done if the Nazis occupied your country?

Two new books reframe the decisions of those who chose to work with the Germans during World War II.

  • Michael Ignatieff
Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry and Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex Claremont-Diaz in Prime Video’s Red, White & Royal Blue.

It’s the royal gay romcom we’ve all been waiting for

The feverishly awaited Amazon Prime screen adaptation of a viral novel hits our screens on Friday.

  • Claire Allfree
An eagle owl holds a little dead bird in his beak at his enclosure in a park in Essen, Germany, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

A fascinating insight into the world of owls (yes, owls)

A new book by expert Jennifer Ackerman reveals some surprising characteristics of these most enigmatic birds.

  • Tanveer Ahmed

‘Trump’s Australia’ book predicts doom Down Under if he’s re-elected

In his new book, Bruce Wolpe speculates about the effects of a second Trump presidency on American democracy and the US-Australia alliance.

  • James Curran


Drake’s first poetry book has sold out.

Drake joins the pop-star poetry struggle

The singer is the latest in a long line of musicians to publish works in verse, and deal with the response.

  • Sophia Nguyen


The last Great American Novelist dies

Cormac McCarthy, author of The Road and No Country for Old Men, claimed not to care that millions read his books.

  • Alexander Larman
A general view of the main chamber of the Old Library, The Long Room, in Trinity College University, in Dublin.

Machine learning is breathing new life into forgotten books

Open Road markets older books with a technology that scrapes the internet for any mentions, then develops a marketing plan for pricing, promotions and searchability.

  • Elizabeth A. Harris


Martin Amis, pictured in Perth in 2014, has died at the age of 73.

Writer Amis, who brought rock ‘n’ roll sensibility to his work, dies

The author best known for novels including Money and The Information has died from cancer of the esophagus at age 73.

Gabrielle Zevin has had to switch from author to “instant raconteur”.

This author’s bestselling book shows you how to continue after failure

“Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” writer Gabrielle Zevin talks about the never-ending cycle of hopes and broken dreams in a creative life.

  • Lucy Dean


The nature of relationships is divided by the online and offline world and all the uncertainties and contradictions this creates.

This new novel will probably change the way you look at social media

Most accounts will soon belong to the dead. That fact inspired a plot about a woman who becomes obsessed with her partner’s deceased ex-girlfriend.

  • Amy Taylor

This BDO boss is a poet (and most of his colleagues don’t know it)

Accountant Grant Saxon’s love for writing poetry started when he was a young child and grew as he became known for his messages in going-away cards.

  • Patrick Durkin