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Wall Street.

ASX to slip; Wall St drops after mixed Microsoft and Alphabet results

Australian shares are poised to slip. Wall Street is falling after mixed profit reports from Microsoft and Alphabet. Oil was volatile.


Australians are facing an economic environment of rapidly rising interest rates.

Markets lock in pre-Christmas rate rise

Bond traders are certain of a cash rate increase by Christmas, implying a 50 per cent chance of a follow-up move.

  • Cecile Lefort
Wall Street.

ASX to rise, Wall Street lifted by data, earnings

Australian shares are set to open higher. Bonds steady after rout. Bitcoin rallies. Microsoft rises, Alphabet falls on quarterly results.

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  • Timothy Moore

This Month

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell says there may still be tightening in the pipeline.

Cloudy economic outlook causes chaos in safe haven bonds

Ten-year US Treasury yields breached 5 per cent again before crashing, as investors reposition bets amid a muddied economic picture.

  • Cecile Lefort
Bill Ackman has closed his bond short, warning of a slowing US economy.

How Bill Ackman set off a wild night on markets

The legendary Wall Street hedge fund billionaire announced that he had covered his short in a night of bond market turbulence where the 10-year Treasury yield hit 5 per cent before plunging.

  • James Thomson
Wall Street.

ASX to fall, bond volatility persists, Bullock speech on radar

Australian shares are set to open lower, tracking late session weakness in New York. US yields spiked higher, then tumbled. Bitcoin leaps.

  • Timothy Moore
Based on the last 10 years, it is clear that bond yields of 5 per cent are confronting, but they are still too low compared to inflation.

Interest rate rises test markets, but remember it is a long game

Over the next 12 months at least, fixed income returns will likely match and possibly exceed those of equities.

  • John Abernethy
Fed boss Jerome Powell’s next opportunity to check bond volatility will be on November 1.

The Fed pivot that turbulent Treasuries need

At a minimum, US policymakers need to shift from backward-looking data to combining data dependency with a clearly articulated economic vision.

  • Mohamed El-Erian
The toppling of House speaker Kevin McCarthy, centre left, on October 3 has triggered the latest bout of instability in Washington.

Unsustainable US debt is now looming on the horizon

Neither Biden nor Trump will reassure bond investors that America can cure its spending habits in time to prevent a crisis.

  • Sam Wylie
It would be Judo’s first AT1 offer, a sign the bank is maturing and is a serious player in the local banking market.

Judo belts out record margin for hybrid capital

Judo’s new hybrid offer is paying a generous interest rate of more than 10 per cent. That has investors equally excited and concerned.

  • Jonathan Shapiro
ASX managing director and CEO Helen Lofthouse.

ASX kicks off meetings for bond deal; three banks mandated

The exchange is in the market with a 3-year Australian dollar, senior unsecured, floating rate benchmark transaction to fund future capital expenditure.

  • Sarah Thompson, Kanika Sood and Emma Rapaport
The RBA will scrutinise inflation data on Wednesday.

ASX to fall, weak $A worsens oil pain, rate hike fears

Australian shares are poised to fall 0.9 per cent at the return to trading on Monday, after suffering their worst week in four weeks amid the MidEast conflict.

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  • Cecile Lefort and Ronald Mizen

Why asset managers fear buying bonds could make them look stupid

There’s a limit to how silly professional investors can look, and having lost huge amounts of money on their bond portfolios, they are hesitant to buy more.

  • Karen Maley
US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell.

Bank of America pushes US rate rise to December

Hedging their call for another interest rate increase, economists at the bank said they see “meaningful risks that the Fed” could be done altogether.

  • Timothy Moore
Wall Street.

US stocks stumble on heightened Middle East tensions

US shares closed down, with investors wary of weekend geopolitical developments. Iron ore falls. Gold extends rally. ASX futures drop 0.9pc.

  • Timothy Moore
The conflict in the Middle East is adding to demand for haven assets including Treasuries, and pushing up crude oil prices.

Treasury yields decline after 10-year fails again at 5pc

After being spurred to the highest levels since at least 2007 this week, most US government bond yields were lower.

  • Elizabeth Stanton and Ye Xie
Fed Powell chief said there may still be tightening in the pipeline.

Oil, bond yields soar on Middle East turmoil and rates anguish

Oil prices inched closer to $US100 on fears of supply disruption and the US 10-year bond yield broke 5 per cent on the belief that rates will stay high.

  • Cecile Lefort

Michele Bullock’s anxiety is growing – with good reason

For the RBA governor, economic surprises, which might otherwise be welcome, could be the worst of all worlds for Australia right now.

  • Christopher Joye
Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell speaks at a meeting of the Economic Club of New York.

‘Inflation is still too high’: Federal Reserve chairman

Jerome Powell said the “resilience” of both economic growth and the labour market “could warrant further tightening of monetary policy”.

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  • Matthew Cranston
Wall Street.

ASX futures, Wall Street whipsaw lower on Powell

The yield on the US 10-year spiked towards 5pc as the Fed boss signalled rates may need to rise if the economy’s strength persists. Telsa drops. Netflix surges.

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  • Timothy Moore