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ChatGPT attracted hundreds of millions of users after it was introduced in November.

How to regulate AI risk without killing innovation

Australia must join the rush to develop a dynamic AI industry, with appropriate guardrails – especially in education.

  • 1 hr ago
  • Zoe McKenzie


Demand for data centres is soaring.

New data centres mean surging power needs

The rush is on build new data centres, but their massive energy requirements are adding to strain on the power grid.

  • Jennifer Hewett
Satya Nadella says Microsoft is benefiting from its decision to build a single, unitary technology platform to support its AI services.

Microsoft and Google’s quarterly results reveal contrasting fortunes

The performance of the two tech arch-rivals underlines the early lead Microsoft has taken in the AI race while Google struggles to catch up in the cloud.

  • Richard Waters and Camilla Hodgson

Why Microsoft jumped and Google slumped when both beat expectations

A modest gap in cloud computing performance pushed the tech giants’ share prices billions in different directions, showing investors care about one thing: AI.

  • Nick Bonyhady
Microsoft and Activision Blizzard said they will appeal the decision.

Microsoft sales jump in AI arms race against Google

The technology company has invested in ChatGPT developer OpenAI and launched a series of AI-powered tools for its Office and Word products recently.

  • Matthew Field

This Month

US ambassador Caroline Kennedy with Australian ambassador Kevin Rudd and wife Therese Rein greet Anthony Albanese and Jodie Haydon after they touch down at Andrews air force base, Maryland, on Sunday.

PM unveils $5b big tech spend as he arrives in US

Microsoft will invest billions of dollars as it partners with Australia’s cyber spy agency and provides digital skills training for 300,000 people.

  • Andrew Tillett
Microsoft Australia and New Zealand boss Steven Worrall.

Microsoft’s new $5b Aussie deal is a massive tech land grab

The tech giant’s Australian investment is a significant move to commandeer two of the biggest and most lucrative global technology bandwagons.

  • Paul Smith
NAB is working with Microsoft to test AI inside Office 365 software to lift banker productivity.

NAB says AI will cut the drudgery for its bankers

The bank is working with Microsoft to embed AI into its 365 software, which bankers use for emails and presentations. It is also using AWS and Databricks.

  • James Eyers
So far, Wall Street analysts haven’t changed their bullish tune on the stock, though several have pared their price targets.

Nvidia dip-buyers burned by US chip battle with China

What looked like a prescient bet in mid-September – the stock surged 14 per cent over 15 trading days – has turned sour.

  • Carmen Reinicke
OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman.

OpenAI is in talks to sell shares at $136b valuation

The artificial intelligence start-up behind ChatGPT is negotiating the transaction, known as a tender offer, with potential investors, say sources.

  • Gillian Tan
The ruins of Herculaneum.

These scrolls were illegible for 2000 years. A uni student read one with AI

The ancient scrolls were buried in the ash at Herculaneum, near Pompeii. Luke Farritor became the first person to read from them in thousands of years.

  • Kyle Melnick
Enlitic CEO Michael Sistenich. 

AI healthcare company eyes $160m from cleaning up radiologists’ data

ASX hopeful Enlitic says it is signing up new healthcare clients to its artificial intelligence technology every month, and has a pipeline of more potential customers.

  • Tess Bennett
Co Heads of Macquarie Asset Management Systematic Investments  Benjamin Leung and Scot Thompson

Macquarie’s $59b number-crunchers embrace AI to beat the market

Benjamin Leung and Scot Thompson are using advances in artificial intelligence to pick stocks and drive returns that outperform the index.

  • Jonathan Shapiro

Here’s what this $1b fund is buying to offset AI

Fairlight’s Will Dowd shares why it’s an ideal time to invest in global small caps and names the stocks he thinks are cheap and resilient to artificial intelligence.

  • Joanne Tran
Zip Co group chief executive Cynthia Scott says AI could generate real-time scripts for call-centre workers dealing with tricky enquiries.

How these six CEOs are using AI in their businesses

It is clear that corporate Australia is only at the beginning of its journey with the technology, amid an era defined by low productivity.

  • Sally Patten and Euan Black

How Clearview AI unleashed a global dystopia

A young Australian tech entrepreneur is among the shadowy figures in a new book on the creeping privacy threat of facial recognition by artificial intelligence.

  • Sophie McBain
Canva co-founders (from left) Cliff Obrecht, Cameron Adams and Melanie Perkins.

Canva’s AI products power revenue jump to $2.7b

Canva will also launch a $200 million fund to pay users whose content is used to train the company’s image-generating bots.

  • Jessica Sier
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (left) as he departed from court after giving his testimony against Google.

Microsoft boss says Google default makes search choice ‘bogus’

Satya Nadella said Google’s power in online search was so dominant because of contracts that make the tech giant the default search engine on mobile devices.

  • David McCabe and Cecilia Kang
Actors Bob Odenkirk, left, and Jack Black join protesters outside Paramount studios in Los Angeles in September.

Workers, not tech companies, should write AI rules

As digital titans and legislators argue, the Hollywood writers’ strike has shown how employees can set the limits.

  • Rana Foroohar
Metigy founder David Fairfull, centre, with two of the investors in the business, Darien Jagger and Jonathan Rosham.

‘Get liquid’: Early backers of start-up disaster Metigy had concerns

An investor at Cygnet Capital, one of Metigy’s backers and advisers, repeatedly texted his business partner with his worries.

  • Nick Bonyhady